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Bad & Saved Skin Lip Exfoliator & Gloss - Sample Size

Bad & Saved Skin Lip Exfoliator & Gloss - Sample Size

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Is the perfect treatment for your lips!

Use: To prepare for a lip treatment, use the mixture of brown sugar in the gloss to exfoliate the lips one week before a lip enhancement session. By creating the natural friction between your lips when you rub them together, you’ll experience the perfect lip exfoliation on demand! After you rub your lips together for 1-2 mins the sugar will separate and slip right into your taste buds, Yum! :) The gloss will remain & immediately hydrate your lips 🙌🏼

This treatment is also great for the cold winter months when our lips tend to get dry & need some more TLC 💋


Our skincare products are made with organic, gluten free & vegan ingredients.

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Our manufacturing is headquartered in Jacksonville, NC! A military town! Our seed is planted here, with a mission to help military members with wellness for mental health and relaxation by offering a spa experience using quality vegan ingredients and aromatherapy right at home or away, wherever they go~


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Travel Sizes Available!!

Care Instructions

Make sure you share this with a Friend or Sweetheart! Oh! The Gloss is safe for kids too!

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