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Bad & Saved - E Book

Bad & Saved - E Book

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Welcome to Bad & Saved Life!

I'm Rubee Dilenys Matos, the Owner and Founder of R&R Spa and Bad & Saved in Raleigh, NC. My journey began almost 20 years ago at the age of fourteen shadowing my mother in her business Look Good & Feel Good Beauty Salon in Selma, NC. Trained under her wings, I went to cosmetology school at Miller Motte College in 2009. Together we opened Dilenys Salon & Spa in Benson, NC. In the summer of 2012, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management. My passion for skincare drove me steadily into the future. In the fall of 2012, I became an independent consultant for the Doctors that created Proactiv, Dr. Katie Rodan & Dr. Kathy Fields. I knew specializing in skincare was my ultimate passion. I left my corporate career when my newborn son began having medical complications. I knew the best decision for my family was working independently with a flexible schedule. So, I furthered my skincare education and graduated from Aveda institute in Chapel Hill in 2015. R&R Spa was established in November of 2015 in Raleigh, NC; with the mission of providing excellent service in a relaxing environment and helping people achieve the best skin of their lives. R&R Spa LLC moved from its 2nd large suite space to a private office spa in a prime retail location in March of 2018 near Crabtree Mall. R&R Spa added additional services in 2019 such as Non-Invasive Lipo and made a step towards the Med Spa Market. I am very passionate about my clients, community, and giving back to charity as much as possible. Toys for Tots, Charity Water and The NC Food Bank Agency Miracles & Blessings of God are some charities R&R Spa has worked with since 2016. Bad & Saved Skin is a skincare line under the Trademark “Bad & Saved” Brand & Lifestyle Company I created in 2020. Bad & Saved was birthed out of R&R Spa in Raleigh, NC during the pandemic shutdown in 2020. With over 5 years of ingredient research & testing on all skin types of the family, friends & clients who came into R&R Spa for skincare services. I began formulating my own regimen for my clients skincare services and customers raved about how amazing their skin felt and how they haven’t found another place who left their skin feeling so baby soft. In April of 2020 Rubee Matos gave birth to her daughter “Heavenlee Grace” during the worldwide shutdown and while at home I began to formulate and customize natural products anyone could use at home without coming in for a service. I also created the perfect products to treat the skin pre & post in spa services! In 2019 R&R Spa was nominated for Beauty Establishment of the Year and I was nominated for Wax Expert and Esthetician of the Year by Artistry of Excellence Awards. I was Awarded with Wax Expert of the Year in 2019 amongst my beauty professional peers in the Raleigh/Durham RTP area. During the pandemic shutdown, I wrote an Autobiography on my life and journey thus far and personal experiences I encountered and overcame while achieving purpose as I continue to each day. The book is called Bad & Saved and is currently in production with the publication company WestBow Press a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan. In 2021 R&R Spa was recognized by the media in Midtown Magazine for the Faces of Raleigh issue as the face of Enhancements and Skincare. In 2022 I moved to Jacksonville, NC to raise my family near the coast. Living close to the beach is somewhere I always wanted to call home. Admiring the beauty of nature and the ocean has always been a source of peace for me. During this time, I continued to commute to Raleigh to service my clients and promote my skincare line.  R&R Spa participated in the Raleigh Night Market in Downtown Raleigh to bring the skincare products I created right to my communities’ hands. Bad and Saved Skin is now available on a variety of online selling platforms and social media for at home delivery to clients. My goal is to share with the world my incredible skincare passion by producing unforgettable skincare products delivered safely on demand straight to each client’s doorstep. My purpose is to bring light to single motherhood, mental health awareness and finding our individual calling and living our dreams come what may. Bad & Saved Brand shares a message to the masses personal to me on loving yourself inside & out, rejecting anything that compromises you in accepting less and knowing that overcoming it all is because God never left your side. I am mother of an 8 year old son and 2 year old daughter who fiercely believes in following dreams, doing what I love, faith, becoming the best version of myself, traveling as often as possible, growing and perfecting my craft while inspiring others to do the same, it’s a Journey not a Destination - “Keep Glowing!”

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Bad & Saved - My Autobiography 

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Thank you so much for your support! I hope my story moves you in a positive way & increases your faith in God❤️

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Our manufacturing is headquartered in Jacksonville, NC! A military town! Our seed is planted here, with a mission to help military members with wellness for mental health and relaxation by offering a spa experience using quality vegan ingredients and aromatherapy right at home or away, wherever they go~


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